The key to your health is locked in your DNA. By analysing your DNA we can learn a lot about your health, and most importantly tailor a personalised diet, supplement and lifestyle program to optimise your wellbeing and unlock a more vibrant you.

Genes are made up of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) which is a large molecule containing two chians coiled together in a double helix structure. These chains are made up of smaller molecules containing a nitrogen base, sugar and phosphate group (nucleotides) represented by 4 letters (purine and pyrimidine bases) – A, G, T, C – (A: Adenine, G: Guanine, T: Thymine, C: Cytosine).

DNA make genes and many genes make chromosomes which are contained in the nucleus of most cells. The sequence of bases (A,G,T,C) determines what protein is created and therefore what cell is created. If there is an error in the sequence of these bases, this is what’s known as a genetic mutation and this may be what causes certain conditions, diseases or intolerances. By knowing these, we can tailor your epigenetic factors such as diet, lifestyle and exercise to support and assist in the prevention of certain conditions.

What results are obtained?


The myDNA Comprehensive Health Report is a digital health analysis and focuses on multiple health categories (Macronutrient Metabolism, DNA Protection & Repair, Hormone Health, Immune Support, Methylation, Mental Health, Detoxification, Cardiovascular Health & Athletic Performance) that show where your vitamin and mineral requirements may be higher, which foods, drinks, drugs, and toxins you may be most sensitive to, and how this applies to your family history and current blood work. This information then allows us to tailor supplements, diet and lifestyle recommendations to support your genetic makeup and to build a healthier you from the ground up. The results may also give you the information you need to actively decrease the probability of disease through the epigenetic application of diet, lifestyle and exercise.

The results obtained from a DNA test can give you the power to reduce overall inflammation in the body by providing you with information on how well your DNA repairs itself as well as toxin sensitivity – both of which are hard to obtain from standard pathology testing.

So what’s involved?

We use simple cheek swabs for sample collection and run each sample on parallel arrays including Next Generation Sequencing technology for extremely accurate results. It’s a simple test and the results usually take 1-2 weeks to generate.

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