Beingwell offers a variety of allergy tests that can identify food intolerances and what may be causing your symptoms.

Test options

See the list of Beingwell’s tests below, from Food Allergy and Food Intolerance tests, to Skin Allergy testing and Intestinal Permeability tests.

Price List

8Initial Diagnostic Testing $169 

Report of Findings Diagnostic $169

Extra Testing Costs: 

Food Intolerance Test ( 46 foods ) $179

Food Intolerance Test ( 96 foods ) $299                                              

Food Intolerance Test ( 144 foods ) $379

Food Intolerance Test ( 240 foods ) $576

Leaky Gut ( Intestinal Permeability ) $149

Live Blood Test $150

Gut Bacteria Balance ( SIBO ) $209

Gut Microbiome Mapping $399

Neurotransmitter Stress Profile Test $269

MyDNA Comprehensive Health Report $249

Functional Pathology: TBA

Gastro Parasitic Test: TBA

Allergy RAST Test (IgE Food & Inhalant): TBA

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