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Beingwell – Your ecosystem for health, happiness and well-being.

We provide a balanced holistic team based approach to health by bringing together a team of highly qualified professionals who use conventional and evidence based complimentary medicine with the focuses on wellness care.

Founded in 2001, Beingwell’s mission is to inspire individuals and families of all ages to make a commitment to healthy and happier living by turning hopes and intentions into the highest enjoyment of life.

What We Can help you with

Diagnostic & Allergy tests 

Chiropractic, Osteopathy & Physiotherapy

General Medicine (GP)

Myotherapy & Remedial Massage

Medical IV Therapy

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Psychology, Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

Workplace Wellbeing

Latest News

DNA Testing and Personalised Treatment Plans

DNA Testing and Personalised Treatment Plans

The key to your health is locked in your DNA. By analysing your DNA we can learn a lot about your health, and most importantly tailor a personalised diet, supplement and lifestyle program to optimise your wellbeing and unlock a more vibrant you. Genes are made up of...

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What is the gut-brain axis, exactly?

What is the gut-brain axis, exactly?

What is the gut-brain axis, exactly? Don’t worry, no graphing paper or calculator is needed for this one. However, the answer is possibly no less complex or mind-blowing than high-level mathematical theory, either. In the scientific community, some have taken to...

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Hay fever, Allergies & Histamines

Hay fever, Allergies & Histamines

As we enter the season of spring - pollens, allergens and antihistamines become the talk of the town. But did you know that you may have year-round histamine intolerance? Histamine is an organic compound involved in several essential bodily functions where normal...

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Client Reviews

  • 5 star review staff here are great and knowledgeable about there treatments i highly recommend Beingwell best place in dundee.

    thumb Stuart Osterman
    October 1, 2019
  • Meg is the best myothrapist in Melbourne! Great service.

    thumb Lucy Joyce
    October 5, 2019
  • Friendly staff and nice atmosphere in the centre. I feel calm each time I visit.

    thumb Poppy Paraw
    July 15, 2019
  • I really trust these guys with my health, they also have a delish cafe next door for relaxing after you’ve had an adjustment. It’s a very calming place

    thumb Kynah Jai
    February 19, 2019

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