Tunteeya Yamaoka


MPsych, Post Grad Dip. Psych, Grad Dip. Psych, BArts(Psych)

In my experience as a Psychologist, I’ve worked in clinical settings, public and private hospitals,
universities and corporate organisations to help individuals and couples understand the complexities between our physical health, mental health, work, education, culture, relationships and finding our purpose. Therapy is a space for self-reflection that will assist you to develop a deeper understanding of your needs, fears and greatest desires.
Ikigai in Japanese means “life’s values” or “reason to live”. When you have Ikigai, you make decisions based on what gives you meaning and purpose. Discovering your Ikigai is the process of commitment that you make to yourself to become more in touch with your values. Finding your Ikigai is the simple steps you take to feel “alive”. That may include finding balance in order and chaos and living spontaneously while maintaining healthy routines.
Growing up in Japan and living in Australia has taught me to integrate both Eastern and Western methods in Psychology in the way I practice. Living in different cities and towns around the world has helped me to connect with a wide variety of people, which has broadened my perspective of how culture impacts our sense of self and identity.

I aim to provide a service to my clients that is authentic, personable, ethical and sustainable. In therapy, I am straightforward and humble, yet not afraid to have a joke. My goal is to provide a space for my clients to express themselves freely without judgement so that they can live with purpose and move forward toward a meaningful direction in life.

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