Stephen Thomas      


Stephen Thomas brings 20 years of experience working in podiatry to help you manage and relieve your foot problems. Stephen’s passion in foot care started at a very early age when he suffered from a series of foot and knee injuries that prevented him competing at peak level. Fortunately Stephen was referred to a great podiatrist who was able to re-align his feet and legs, and this sparked his interest in helping young athletes overcome their injury setbacks to aid them in achieving their personal sporting goals. 

Stephen is an expert at permanently removing recurring ingrown toenails and painful corns. He uses state of the art technology to design and build custom foot orthotics and permanently clear warts. Stephen believes in the importance of education in maintaining foothealth, particularly for those juggling multiple conditions or chronic pain.

Stephen is an avid runner and has competed in Ultimate Frisbee tournaments internationally. He is passionate about helping everyone from professional athletes through to the weekend warrior perform to the best of their ability. Outside of work, you will find Stephen tending to his vegetable garden, playing with his two sons and throwing a frisbee for his dog.

For all enquiries, please email [email protected] 

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