Shoshana Blagin

Gill Needleman

Clinical Psychologist


I am a psychologist with 14 years of experience working with children, teenagers, and adults. I have worked in public mental health services (both community and CATT teams), chronic pain clinic, brain-behaviour neuropsychology clinic, children clinic, and several private practices.

I have always had a curious mind and a love for learning. One of the areas I was particularly interested in when I was at university was the mind and the brain. What is the mind? Is it the same or different to the brain? What is consciousness? The subconscious? What is the experience of self truly made from? These are the questions that intrigued me and sparked my initial curiosity to follow the career path of becoming a psychologist.

When clients come to me I will initially conduct a comprehensive assessment, in order to gain an in-depth understanding of their challenges. Collaboratively we develop a formulation and treatment plan. I always take the time to connect with each unique individual, as  it is well established knowledge that a strong therapeutic alliance is key for successful outcomes.

I provide a safe and compassionate space for clients to process and integrate personal narratives, access internal resources, release stress and achieve personal goals. I draw upon “parts work” to support individuals to come home to the SELF, our inner essence that is wise, authentic, compassionate, creative and clear. Ultimately the aim of psychology is to alleviate symptoms and improve wellbeing in all areas of life.

I am particularly interested in trauma and how trauma may manifest in the body as symptoms and dis-ease.  I am interesting in helping individuals recover from chronic health conditions such as somatoform disorders and chronic pain. I draw upon therapeutic modalities that recognize the interaction between the mind and body and offer interventions for effective healing.

You will find my approach compassionate, curious, engaging, warm and authentic.

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