Sharizaar O’Heart

Craniosacral Therapist


Sharizaar trained as an osteopath in the UK and has over 30 years clinical experience as a Craniosacral Therapist (CST) 

She was always interested in preventative natural healthcare and sees CST as a deeply rejuvenating and relaxing experience for her patients.  Her skills can treat many wide ranging health issues that have not responded to other modalities of treatment.  

Through aligning the body from the inside out via the central nervous system, she treats a wide range of conditions from  anxiety, vertigo, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, infertility and all types of musculoskeletal pain and injuries.   She loves preparing women for an easy birth and is experienced with working with babies and children. 

To find out how CST may support you to better health, please contact Sharizaar on: 0409 863 468 or visit her website to make an online appointment.

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