Lynda Thompson


Adolescents, Young Adults & Adults Counsellor

Lynda is a qualified counsellor, who has extensive experience working with adults, young adults and adolescents. She works with issues of: anxiety, depression, relationship and friendship difficulties, anger, grief and loss, chronic illness, work-life balance, family trauma, behavioural issues, bullying, school refusal, academic support and emotional regulation. Drawing on a range of counselling modalities, Lynda takes a highly individualised approach.

Her counselling and therapy is tailored to the person’s personality, interests and life stage, in a way that is appropriate to what may be troubling them. Problems and the pathways to
positive change may be explored through talking, drawing, writing, mind-mapping, body awareness, music and storytelling. Along the way there is warmth and understanding, and usually some light-hearted moments, encouraged by Lynda’s gentle sense of humour.

Having also worked extensively in school environments, Lynda understands it is important for young people to feel safe and unconditionally supported within a caring counselling relationship that is encouraging and totally confidential. But this holds true for every person who makes the important step to seek therapy.

Creating a nurturing, engaging environment, Lynda works to ensure every client will feel supported to explore what is happening in their world, so they may uncover what they want and need to do, in a way that will work best for them. Lynda is a Therapist at The Grove Counselling and Therapy – Windsor and works within a team of Family, Couple and Individual Therapists who also work online and in-person in locations at Brighton East and Ivanhoe.

Qualifications – Bachelor of Counselling, Bachelor of Graphic Design, Counsellor – Thriving Youth Australia, Developmental Psychology, Counselling in Loss, Group Work, Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling, Motivational Interviewing for Student Behaviour Change and Learning, How Humour Benefits Therapy, The Power of Thought: Updates in Brain Plasticity, Hope in Practice: Facilitating Therapeutic Change. Registered PACFA member.

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