Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage helps drain lymph 20 times faster than the lymphatic system would. Some signs of lymph build up may be puffy skin, swelling of joints, or injured sites. Recurrent infections or cold/flu could also be a sign of lymph accumulation that has not been drained properly. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a highly specialised, gentle massage technique using accurate hand direction, rhythm, pressure and sequence applied in all areas of the body. Most common treated areas are the face and abdomen, although legs and arms are also very important.


What to expect in a Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage

MLD massage requires a very light pressure to stimulate the lymphatic structures that are located in the subcutaneous tissues, just under the skin level, to influence the direction and speed of lymphatic flow. So it is very light compared to a heavier deep tissue massage, which would be more suited for muscular injuries, aches and pains. Lymphatic drainage is not painful and is very relaxing and an extremely effective way to help manage stress. Stress also effects the bodies natural drainage of lymph, slowing it down and causing greater accumulations, so people living stressful and busy lives will benefit greatly from this form of massage.


How can it help

MLD aims to help move toxins in the body, clear sinuses, and relieve vestibular disorders by moving the lymphatic fluid from the distal areas into the larger and more effective lymph nodes located deep in the torso. These lymph nodes will process the toxins and drain the fluid back into the venus circulatory system. This will not only boost the immune system, detoxify and relieve congestion, but most MLD clients report that there skin feels more healthy, well hydrated, firm, smooth and glowing instantly after the first treatment.

Dr. Daniel Padgett - Remedial Massage Therapist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Beingwell Healthcare

Dr. Daniel Padgett

Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Remedial Massage Therapist


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