Dr. Leonard Cornelius

Beingwell Healthcare Chiropractor


Dr Leo has a Masters of Clinical sciences (Osteopathy) and has had a 20 year career as a dancer. While his expertise in dancing helps when treating dancers, Leo treats all types of patients.  He recognises the importance of pain free movement, not just when doing exercise and playing sport, but being able to complete our activities of daily living without pain.  Over the course of his Osteopathy career he has treated the elderly when working in aged care, office workers, sports people, gym goers and of course – dancers!

“I like to make connections and build lasting relationships with my patients. I want to help them heal as quick as they can. This sometimes includes activity modification and rehabilitation exercises for strengthening, but most of the magic happens in the treatment room”

Leo has a keen interest in treating people with headaches, jaw pain and injuries from gym, sport and dancing.  He is qualified in using dry needling and cupping, as well as Cranial Osteopathy.


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