Dr. Cheng Jie Gu


Dr Gu is a member of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine.⁠

To make an appointment with Dr Gu please call (03) 9510 5865

Find Dr Gu at 11 Williams Rd, Windsor 3181

Fax: (03) 9523 5187

Integrative Medicine Doctor

Dr Gu has an interest in integrative medicine, disease prevention, health screening, and the treatment of medical conditions with a holistic approach. Other interests include skin cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment.⁠

Apart from the challenges of general practice problem solving, Dr Gu enjoys helping people understand their condition. This empowers her patients and ensures they have the correct information and treatment choices. As a working mother with 2 children, Dr Gu fully understands the need to support young families and mothers. Dr Gu also provides management of minor injuries, including lacerations, foreign body removals, and sports injuries.⁠

⁠Dr Cheng-Jie Gu’s areas of interest…⁠

– Integrative medicine⁠
– Routine health checks (e.g. relevant physical examinations, testing, advice, and specialist referrals)⁠
– Family planning⁠
– Women’s health including breast checks, pap smears, and gynaecological health⁠
– STI screening⁠
– Paediatric health checks⁠
– Skin issues⁠
– Mole checks, skin cancer, skin lesion, and cancer excision⁠
– Minor skin trauma and surgical procedures⁠

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