Medical Intravenous Vitamin Therapy


Intravenous vitamin therapy involves the administration of doctor-prescribed nutrients into the body through an IV drip. At Beingwell, we offer the highest quality intravenous (IV) vitamin infusions, using medical-grade nutrients, and products. Our IV treatmemts are based out of our Windsor clinic in Melbourne.


The IV method bypasses the digestive system into yor circulation allowing maximum nutrient delivery  and promoting maximal absorption. Orally administered vitamins can be poorly absorbed and in high doses may cause side effects.

Only the highest grade of vitamins and minerals are used in our medical IV infusions and specifically formulated for your needs by our doctor’s recommendations.


  • May correct deficiencies and malnutrition due to severe illness, post surgery or chronic stress.
  • May assist in reducing symptoms and severity of colds, flu and other viruses such as shingles, glandular fever and others. It may also reduce chronic symptoms related to post viral infections. 
  • It has the potential to support the immune system
  • Early studies indicate that IV nutrient therapy may be beneficial for some forms of cancer and may enhance primary cancer treatments.
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits


Please call our Windsor practice on (03) 9510 8866 or email [email protected] and make an initial appointment with one of our highly trained doctors to discuss your health and the suitability of the IV Intravenous therapy. If you have had recent blood tests done (no older then 6 months) and these include kidney and liver function tests, please bring these along with you. If you do not have recent blood tests, our doctors will give you a referral at the consultation. Our doctors and nurses will review your pathology and create a personalised IV medical program to start at your next visit.

Suitability, efficacy, and safety is our highest policy. We only use medical grade nutrients, products and equipment.




The cost of treatment varies depending on the type and quantity of nutritient or chelating ingredients. Generally, this will be determined by your needs and in consultation with our medical team. What makes us different is that you will always have a doctor and nurse on duty/on premise to assist and monitor your health during treatments and therefore peace of mind.


Chelation therapy involves weekly IV treatments of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). Duration of treatment is about 3-4 hours. In general, the medication seeks out and binds to metals and minerals in the bloodstream, creating a compound that the body then excretes when urinating.

NAD+ TREATMENT from $350 (500mg)

NAD is coenzyme in the cells of the body and a linchpin of energy metabolism among other roles. It diminishes with age and has implicated with mitochondrial deterioration. This will affect brain performance and ageing. Duration of treatment is about 3-4 hours

IV VITAMIN INFUSIONS from $189 + nutrients

A treatment fee of $189 which includes having a doctor and nurse onsite to administer the IV and to monitor your treatment. Vitamins include Vit C, Glutathione, B group vitamins, Zinc, Magnesium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Myers Blend.


For patients with clinically indicated iron deficiency. The steps involved are

  1. See our doctors or your own GP for pathology and prescription
  2. Fill your script at the pharmacy
  3. Bring your iron and pathology to your IV appointment

Medicare refunds may be available

IM VITAMIN INFUSIONS from $60 + nutrients

Beingwell offers intramuscular (IM) infusions such as Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Vitamin B Forte where clinically indicated by our doctors. All new patient injections will require a consult with one of our GPs and will be administered by our highly qualified nurses.


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