Stretch Therapy

It’s good to be stretched

We all know we should stretch and work on our flexibility. Some of us do it naturally, some of us do a little, but often we find it hard to find the time, motivation and know how to do it properly.

To take the stress out of it all and create real change, we stretch all your major muscle groups, gently moving your limbs into positions and then using the PNF or Contract and Release technique to get deeper into the stretch whilst still within the safe zone and your personal threshold.  We always recommend a full body stretch because EVERYTHING is interconnected!

Assisted stretching:

  • ​releases feel good endorphins
  • relaxes you reducing, stress, anxiety and depression
  • makes you walk taller and staighter, countering the effects of modern life
  • reduces blood sugars and inflammation
  • improves organ and system function, so they work in harmony again.

Stretch Therapy is perfect for people of all levels of flexibility and mobility including athletes, the active and the inactive, entertainers, people living with disease or disability (e.g. arthritis, CP, Parkinson’s, MS, fibromyalgia, Fasciitis) and all age groups including children.

To find out more or to book an appointment with our highly experienced Stretch Therapist, visit:

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