Michael Hines


Mike is a Registered Psychologist with a passion for helping people function at their best. He takes a collaborative, person-centred approach that builds strong and supportive therapeutic relationships. At the heart of his work is the goal of helping individuals live rich, full and meaningful lives.

He draws on tools from from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Coaching Psychology and Wellbeing Science (aka Positive Psychology). He also has expertise in the related fields of mindfulness and high performance, and has work extensively with individuals, schools, and businesses throughout his career.

His passion for mindfulness stems from a personal meditation practice and professional development spanning 23 years. Mike has taught Mindfulness at Monash University, UNSW and in hundreds of schools and organisations across Australia. He recently spent 4 years as Lead Psychologist / mindfulness expert at Smiling Mind where he was responsible for the design and delivery of workshops and training across their education, workplace and community programs.

Mike provides evidence-based psychological treatment to adults (18+) to help them traverse and overcome the difficulties associated with life’s challenges and to build skills and strategies for greater wellbeing.  He also offers performance/mindset coaching to athletes, creative artists, executives and anyone else looking to excel in their chosen domain.

He’s a Dad, a dog guy, lover of the ocean and occasional singer-songwriter.

To make an appointment, please contact Mike at [email protected]

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