Dr. Lynette Hatherley  

General Practitioner

Special Interest in Nutritional Medicine and Acupuncture

BSci (Hons), PhD (Chemistry), MBBS, FRACGP

Lynette has interests in nutritional medicine, women’s health and medical acupuncture.  

Before studying medicine, Lynette did a science degree and completed a PhD in microwave spectroscopy, which is a branch of physical chemistry. 

Realising that modern medicine did not have all the solutions for people’s health problems, Lynette undertook further study about medical acupuncture at Monash University and has done a number of courses through ACNEM (Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine). She has also done Biobalance training to learn about biochemical imbalances in mental health.  

Lynette believes that the modern lifestyle can impact negatively on people’s health but that there are many options to help us heal our bodies, which include: improving our choices for what goes inside our bodies, being mindful to minimise exposure to toxins in our environment, regular exercise, managing stress and correcting nutritional deficiencies. Gut health underpins the rest of our body health and once the gut is healed and maintained, many conditions will improve.  

Lynette loves acupuncture and uses laser as well as needles. Conditions that she has found acupuncture useful for include:  pain eg headache/migraines, spinal and all other joint pain, sinusitis, cough, gastro symptoms, menopausal hot flushes, neuropathic symptoms, dry eyes. A side effect of acupuncture is often feeling more relaxed and so it can help with anxiety and people’s depression can also improve as part of a multimodal strategy. 

It is highly valuable to understand the mind-body connection and ultimately to take responsibility for your own health. 

Lynette believes we are currently living through challenging times, ultimately for spiritual reasons, to help us connect to our higher selves. She meditates 2 hours per days and finds this very beneficial. 

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