Dr.  Clare Pyers

Clare Pyers

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

BHSc(TCM), Cert Adv Clin Prac (China)

For the past 16 years, Clare has been passionately working with her patients to help them reach optimal health and achieve their health goals. Clare has a focus on working with women’s health, and with both men and women in the area of fertility. Her practical, problem solving approach to exploring your health concerns is designed to also bring harmony to your mind and soul.

When you see Clare, you see someone who has in-depth education, extensive clinical experience, and someone who is unafraid to give her opinion on what she thinks is a waste of time and what she assesses to be the best way for you to heal yourself.

Patients find their way to Clare seeking guidance for complex and ongoing problems that have been unsuccessfully treated by other health providers. She takes the time to understand her patients, looking thoroughly across everything that has been done before to ensure she helps you to find the most effective path forward.

Patients working with Clare embark on a highly customised health restoration program, with access to consultations via online, phone or face-to-face consults in the Prahran clinic. Clare has developed her own resources to support people on their fertility journey – an online fertility program, and a podcast called the Two Week Wait podcast.

To find out more information or book an appointment with Clare, make an enquiry via the website.

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