Andrew Boxer

Beingwell Healthcare Chiropractor

Psychologist and Educator 

Andrew completed a Masters’ degree in Community Psychology and is currently completing the Community Registrar Program. Andrew is also a doctoral candidate at Monash University, investigating how Buddhist techniques compare with current Western psychological interventions in their approach to dealing with suffering and negative mental states. Additionally, Andrew is a university-trained naturopath who has lectured in the southern hemisphere’s largest natural medicine college, Endeavour College.

Andrew uses a combination of techniques, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT),  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Therapy, Mindfulness, Assertive Training, Buddhist psychological interventions, and diet and lifestyle modifications.” Andrew has worked with The AFL Western Bulldogs Community Foundation, Lifeline and The Sacred Heart Mission and is familiar with telehealth, group, and individual work. He also integrates a wealth of knowledge and techniques from a long career as a naturopath.

‘I like to be warm and welcoming. I have a very open and relaxed manner that I hope will allow you to feel comfortable in describing your situation. Research shows that the therapeutic relationship (e.g. how well you get along with your psychologist) can be just as important as the work we do together. I think therapy should not be rigid and I try to emulate that.  I became a fur father last year and ‘Morty’ (a Hungarian Vizsla) finalized his training as a therapy dog at the end of 2021. Morty will be in the clinic every Friday to help you feel warm and welcomed!’ – Andrew

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